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So, you just got engaged and now you need a wedding photographer, but why would you go with a Leez Priory recommended supplier?  In short, they know the venue REALLY well. They would’ve had to photograph a number of weddings to a high standard and also would have built a strong rapport with the wedding planners and staff at Leez Priory. It’s not easy to get on the list because they only accept a certain amount of vendors. You need to be consistently good with great reviews and high quality imagery.

Let’s use one of my latest weddings as a Leez Priory recommended supplier to showcase some of the reasons why you should consider a Leez Priory recommended supplier over someone who hasn’t been there before.

Knowing where the best light falls in the bridal suite is a MUST when getting the most out of the bridal preparations. The area is quite tight (especially when you have many bridesmaids all getting ready at the same time). This room can often resemble a university dorm once everyone drops off their bags and unpacks what they need for the big day ahead. If you know the angles and where to photograph for the best outcomes, you’ll end up with some beautiful results regardless of all the chaos going on around you.

Here’s a few examples of my bride recently. Stunning light and really showing her beauty in a way that she found complimentary:

Leez Priory Recommended Supplier - Bridal portraits of the bride in her dress

Now, for the groom and his groomsmen, the cottage where they often get ready is even more trickier for light if you don’t know what to look for. The cottage is quite dark with only 1 window in the main room as you enter. You can use some of the artificial light available if you prefer a warmer feel, OR, you could leave the main door open to use the daylight streaming in to give a natural feel to your memories.

I prefer, timeless, classic photographs, so, less is more in terms of lighting and what I choose to incorporate into a scene. Again, this space can get really busy with people and personal items, so it’s important to understand what areas work the best to get the cleanest images. Once you have the best light, you can simply let everyone be themselves to capture an authentic feel to the morning session:

Leez Priory Recommended Supplier - The groom getting ready in window light

Wedding ceremonies at Leez Priory

As a recommended Leez Priory wedding photographer, I get to shoot at this stunning location multiples times every season, and one of the best things about it is the options available to couples as to where you would like to get married. I’ve personally photographed all the locations available and each area has their very own vibe and feel. The first and most popular option (weather permitting) is under the tower. It’s a gorgeous setting with a long walkway for the bridal party to take which allows them to cherish the moment before reaching the altar.

Some registrars at Leez Priory now allow you to get married with your guests in front of the tower rather than having to be under it. This was a requirement for many years whereby you had to be under a structure to make the marriage legal. I’ve since seen wedding venues change their ceremony locations now that you don’t need to be under a structure and it’s really refreshing to be part of that change.

There’s talk recently that the Leez priory wedding venue will be adding another location to the ceremony list. It may well be by the lake which would be truly amazing. As a Leez priory recommended supplier, I would definitely vote for this. Watch this space – I hope it’s true!

You can also get married up in the tower itself if you have smaller numbers attending. It’s very intimate and oozes character and charm. Very in keeping with the theme of the venue and adding a touch of class to your day. We then have 3 more areas in the main building – just outside the carriageway with the guests seated on the lawn, and upstairs passed the DJ room and in either room to your left and right as you reach the top of the stairs. The room to your left is a smaller room for a more intimate experience, but it does incorporate that rich dark wood and elegant decor that many couples choose Leez Priory for.

The one on your right is larger and will hold more wedding guests should you opt to invite a larger crowd. The rooms are darker and moodier if this is the vibe you’re going for. The outdoor locations are light and airy.

The final location at Leez priory where you can tie the knot is inside the coach house by the car park. This is the location that I’ll show you in this blog post. You can decorate the entrance for your guests and there is a back entrance where the bridal party walk in. The lighting is beautiful due to the large windows around the space and it has that old brick charm that appeals to many couples. Take a look at how this wedding went in the coach house:

Leez Priory Recommended Supplier - The floral set up outside the ceremony roomLeez Priory Recommended Supplier - The bride walks down the aisle with her dadLeez Priory Recommended Supplier - The bride and groom standing at the altar holding hands

The bride and groom during the ceremony

The coach house is very popular with couples for using this space to hold the sit down meal. You can decorate the area as you wish. My couple here went with white and pink drapes to give the room a light and airy feel. Their theme colours were white and pink and it looked stunning. Once again, being a Leez Priory recommended supplier will help with getting the most out of the location:

The reception room details

The bride and groom look at the details in the reception room

When it comes to couple shots, being a Leez Priory recommended supplier really comes into it’s own here. Understanding where the best light falls at any given month of the year is important to the quality of the memories. I tend to utilise the sun in front and behind my couples. I keep things authentic and real with my couples always moving and keeping a nice flow.

The tower is a beautiful option for photographs. The lawn next to the tower is lovely too. You have the outside of the cottage, the lake and surrounding areas there and then the front of the building with a well pruned walkway that couples can’t resist. Check out some of my wedding couple shots from a recent wedding to see the potential this venue has:

The bride and groom hold hands and walk in the sunshine around the grounds

The bride and groom get close next to a lake at Leez priory

Leez Priory Recommended Supplier - The bride looks over her shoulder at the camera while walking with her husband

Leez Priory Recommended Supplier - A photo of the couple walking away from the camera in the grounds

Leez Priory Recommended Supplier - the bride walks in front of the groom in the sunshine

Finally, my recommended Leez priory location for the cake cut and first dance would be the carriageway. It has incredibly large wooden doors fit for a king and lets in plenty of natural light. I like to move the cake into the middle and have a celebration going on in the background with the guests. It’s just more engaging and looks much better than just having the bride and groom cutting a cake on their own.

The best place for the first dance is also the carriageway in my opinion. I’ll bring my lights to add some pop and it really helps with the flow because you already have your guests there, so it’s simply a case of moving the cake and going straight into the dance:

The bride and groom cut the wedding cake and start their first dance

Black and white images of the first dance in the carriageway

The bride and groom dancing during the first dance

You can have your first dance out on the lawn if you wish. This is becoming more popular for the summer weddings and gives you much more space if you prefer that.

I have many more blogs from Leez Priory here if you want some more inspiration from a Leez Priory recommended supplier.

You can also get in touch through my main website here if you would like to inquire about hiring my services as a wedding photographer.

So there you have it, plenty of knowledge and understanding of the locations available, the best light options depending on the time of the year and always offering suggestions as the day goes on to give you the best experience. Being a Leez priory recommended supplier is really important in my opinion. Trust their chosen vendors and you’ll have a stunning wedding day.

Thanks very much for reading and hopefully see you on the next one!

~ Chris

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