Capturing Timeless Moments: The Essence of Essex Wedding Photography

First, it is important to know that photography is an art and the photographer is the artist. Therefore, like in any form of art, the end product will rely heavily on the skills possessed by the artist.

As such, couples should consider Essex wedding photographers with a proven track record and the ability to perform cinematic wedding photography.

Cinematic Wedding Photography in Essex is a technique that makes the photo look like it was lifted out of a movie scene. A normal wedding day photo won’t have the same color grading or style that we’ve become accustomed to on the ‘net’ in 2020. It incorporates silky soft `Bokeh’ or smoothing of areas in the photograph that are not so important to the scene.

Essex wedding photographer - bride and groom kiss in a rural setting

Sunset shots of the bride and groom together

The phenomenon helps the human eye focus on what the photographer deems important. Many photographers have become `insta-famous’ using this cinematic approach. One example during a wedding day that brides love when photographers use this technique is when they’re having their portraits taken.

It helps to smooth skin and reduce blemishes, therefore, when choosing a professional wedding photographer, consider the artistic skills that they possess. Check their full body of work for consistency.

Capturing emotions is an art form in itself & not an easy thing to successfully pull off. Expectations can be quite low for a run of the mill photographer in Essex to achieve. When you look at a photo, you should be able to feel what the person in the photo is feeling or what the photographer intends you to feel.

The photographs should be a living reminder of the atmosphere created at any given time – a memory that can be brought back to life instantly (even twenty years later).

Simplicity is a term I use to successfully capture emotions & personalities in my wedding photography. Simplicity in my world means that when you hire a wedding photographer in Essex, you’re receiving a professional that’s not in your face, like the paparazzi stalking a celebrity. The most experienced photographers can blend into the back-ground for the most part and are able to capture authentic moments on camera unobtrusively.

Essex wedding photographer - Bridal portrait by her wedding car

Essex wedding photographer - portraits of the bride and groom in the gardens

Wedding Photographers using this relaxed approach can put you at ease and allow you to enjoy your day with your guests. If the Photographer makes you look like your playing a game of twister then he/she is over thinking the situation. More often than not, poses that are natural & free flowing turn out the best, avoiding any awkwardness along the way.

Photography should not be a stressful affair as long as you hire the right style for your requirements. An Essex photographer that ticks all the boxes above will certainly not disappoint, although it is just one style that I personally prefer to use.

Your journey choosing photographers in Essex may be at any early stage but I’d love for you to consider my professional wedding photography services. Get in touch today, ask questions I’d love to hear what you’ve got planned!

Braxted Park Wedding Photography - Father and son get ready


In the picturesque county of Essex, where rolling landscapes meet historic charm, couples embark on a journey of love celebrated through the lens of wedding photography. Among the myriad of talented photographers in the region, Chris Woodman Photography stands out as a beacon of artistry, skillfully weaving narratives into each frame.

A Visual Symphony: Essex Wedding Photography Unveiled

Chris Woodman’s portfolio, showcased on his website, is a visual feast that transcends traditional wedding photography. Essex, with its diverse landscapes and rich cultural tapestry, becomes the perfect canvas for Woodman’s lens.

Essex wedding photography, as depicted by Woodman, is not merely a documentation of events. It’s an art form that captures the essence of love, blending the natural beauty of the county with the emotional landscapes of the couples he photographs.

Essex wedding photographer - reception details

Essex wedding photographer - Bride and groom laugh in the back of their wedding car

Distinctive Style: A Glimpse into Chris Woodman’s World

Woodman’s signature style is characterized by a perfect balance of candid moments and carefully curated compositions. His ability to find beauty in the seemingly ordinary sets him apart in the competitive world of wedding photography in Essex.

The website offers a sneak peek into Woodman’s portfolio, showcasing his versatility. From intimate ceremonies in charming Essex villages to grand celebrations in historic venues, each album tells a unique story. Woodman’s mastery of light and shadow elevates every image, creating a timeless quality that will resonate for generations.

Essex’s Hidden Gems: Locations Through Woodman’s Lens

Essex wedding photography, as explored by Chris Woodman, unveils the hidden gems scattered throughout the county. From the idyllic landscapes of Epping Forest to the coastal allure of Mersea Island, each location becomes a character in the visual narrative of love.

The groomsmen party on the dance floor

Braxted Park Wedding Photography - The bride and groom under a veil

Woodman’s lens captures the architectural splendor of venues like Layer Marney Tower and the historic intimacy of Leez Priory. These images not only document the union of two souls but also serve as a visual ode to the rich heritage and breathtaking landscapes of Essex.

Crafting Memories: The Art of Essex Wedding Photography

Beyond the technical prowess, Chris Woodman is a storyteller. His images speak of stolen glances, shared laughter, and the quiet moments that often go unnoticed. Essex wedding photography, as interpreted by Woodman, transcends the conventional, becoming a heartfelt journey through the emotions of the day.

The website reflects Woodman’s dedication to his craft, showcasing full wedding albums that allow viewers to immerse themselves in the unfolding story. Each image is a brushstroke in a larger canvas, painting a vivid picture of the love and joy that permeate Essex weddings.

Tailored Elegance: Essex Wedding Photography Packages

Navigating through the website, prospective clients will find a range of wedding photography packages tailored to suit various needs. From intimate elopements to grand celebrations, Chris Woodman Photography offers a personalized approach to ensure every couple’s story is told with authenticity and elegance.

Sunset shots of the bride and groom together

Bride and groom laugh and kiss under the wedding veil

Essex wedding photography, through the lens of Woodman, is not a one-size-fits-all experience. Each package is designed to capture the unique essence of the couple, reflecting their personalities and the distinctive charm of their chosen Essex venue.

Booking Your Essex Wedding Photographer: A Timeless Investment

As one delves into the world of Essex wedding photography on Chris Woodman’s website, it becomes evident that choosing a photographer is more than a transaction; it’s an investment in memories. The images captured by Woodman transcend the fleeting moments of a wedding day, becoming heirlooms that tell a story for generations to come.

Essex, with its rich tapestry of landscapes and love stories, finds a worthy chronicler in Chris Woodman. His photography goes beyond the visual, delving into the emotions and narratives that make each wedding unique. For couples seeking not just a photographer but a visual storyteller, Chris Woodman Photography stands as an epitome of Essex wedding photography, where every frame is a chapter in a timeless love story.

The groomsmen enjoy a drink together in the garden