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Are you looking for a relaxed wedding photography experience where you can enjoy your day with your guests & BE YOURSELVES at your wedding? I’m Chris Woodman, a Creative Essex wedding photographer with a largely unobtrusive approach. Most importantly, I keep things simple for my couples so you don’t have to overthink what you’re doing – the results are beautiful, natural memories that you’ll love once you become Mr & Mrs.

Chris was truly outstanding.
Very professional and got all the shots we could have wished for and more.


~Nick & Zoe

EEEK, You're Engaged!

…but now what?

Firstly, take a deep breath & soak it all in – you two have been on an incredible journey so far & now you’re planning for an epic adventure like no other.

Okay ready for the next step?

Honestly, it’s a wedding jungle out there with so many choices – I feel your pain. My humble slice of the internet will help you imagine how you’ll feel when you take that awesome leap with your best friend. Your butterfly moments will be hard to describe but my photography will remember the little things long after you’ve forgotten everything.

I’ve been on some cool adventures in my time but nothing trumps the wow factor of a wedding day. Delivering fleeting moments that show HOW YOU FELT at any given time is my drug of choice and you’ll have so many to look through on your big day.


You’ll plan every last detail, yet it’s a scary thought that your lasting memories are in the hands of someone else.

This is your story & I’m here to document every beautiful moment of it. I make art for the adventure seekers, dreamers & the wildly in love. If this sounds like you, then we’re a heck of a match.

Make sure you have someone tell your story the way you always imagined it.

I’m Chris Woodman – a perspective you can trust.

Bride and groom laughing holding hands outside during sunset

Essex wedding photographer

A wedding is one of (if not) THE biggest of events for couples and their family and friends who attend. You can’t appreciate just how much effort goes into planning a wedding until it’s your turn. As planning for the entire event is quite cumbersome, couples need to identify a list of wedding photographers that will match their taste. Choosing a Wedding Photographer in Essex is not an easy task, but with the right understanding of what’s available to you, the challenge can be made simpler. Once you’ve researched wedding photography styles, you’ll be in a much better position to nail your perfect photographer.

Wedding Photography in Essex

First, it is important to know that photography is an art and the photographer is the artist. Therefore, like in any form of art, the end product will rely heavily on the skills possessed by the artist. As such, couples should consider Essex wedding photographers with a proven track record and the ability to perform cinematic wedding photography.

Cinematic Wedding Photography in Essex is a technique that makes the photo look like it was lifted out of a movie scene. A normal wedding day photo won’t have the same color grading or style that we’ve become accustomed to on the ‘net’ in 2020. It incorporates silky soft ‘Bokeh’ or smoothing of areas in the photograph that are not so important to the scene. The phenomenon helps the human eye focus on what the photographer deems important. Many photographers have become ‘insta-famous’ using this cinematic approach. One example during a wedding day that brides love when photographers use this technique is when they’re having their portraits taken. It helps to smooth skin and reduce blemishes, therefore, when choosing a professional wedding photographer, consider the artistic skills that they possess. Check their full body of work for consistency.

Capturing Emotions:

Capturing emotions is an art form in itself & not an easy thing to successfully pull off. Expectations can be quite low for a run of the mill photographer in Essex to achieve. When you look at a photo, you should be able to feel what the person in the photo is feeling or what the photographer intends you to feel. The photographs should be a living reminder of the atmosphere created at any given time – a memory that can be brought back to life instantly (even twenty years later).

Simplicity in photography:

Simplicity is a term I use to successfully capture emotions & personalities in my wedding photography. Simplicity in my world means that when you hire a wedding photographer in Essex, you’re receiving a professional that’s not in your face, like the paparazzi stalking a celebrity. The most experienced photographers can blend into the background for the most part and are able to capture authentic moments on camera unobtrusively.

Wedding Photographers using this relaxed approach can put you at ease and allow you to enjoy your day with your guests. If the Photographer makes you look like your playing a game of twister then he/she is over thinking the situation. More often than not, poses that are natural & free flowing turn out the best, avoiding any awkwardness along the way.

Photography should not be a stressful affair as long as you hire the right style for your requirements. An Essex photographer that ticks all the boxes above will certainly not disappoint, although it is just one style that I personally prefer to use. Your journey choosing photographers in Essex may be at any early stage but I’d love for you to consider my professional wedding photography services. Get in touch today, ask questions I’d love to hear what you’ve got planned!

Groom cuddles bride and makes her smile
A surprised bride cuts the cake with her husband

The photos and memories Chris captured mean the world to me
and I could not recommend him enough.


~Cheryl & Rob

Your big day will be presented in one of my luxury wedding albums from Italy. Completely hand made using the finest materials. If you’d like to cut to the chase and view my wedding photography packages & prices, here’s a quick shortcut for you: wedding photography packages. 

I’m working on my portfolio all the time but it’s a great place to start to see if you like my photographic style. I’d recommend that you take a look to see if we’re a good fit. Here’s my wedding portfolio page that may give you some ideas for your wedding day.


LUXURY HANDMADE ITALIAN wedding albums & cinematic films

When you hear ‘made in Italy’, you think style, elegance, & attention to detail. I’ve sourced the finest producers of luxury wedding albums in the industry for you. These albums take 5 weeks to produce, handmade from start to finish but my word, are they worth the wait. I’ve been in this industry for over 10 years now and I’ve never come across anything quite like this. Truly a happy ending for your memories!

My luxury cinematic wedding films are new for 2020 & already couples are in love with the relaxed, unobtrusive approach. They have a high-end finish & you can customise your film package to suit your requirements. Chris Woodman Photography continues to grow & hopes this new addition to the services will give you everything you could want from your wedding day.





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