The Roslin Hotel wedding Photography

A seaside venue in Southend that dazzles its couples all year round

The Roslin Hotel in Southend is right around the corner from me & situated slap bang next to the sea which makes for some wonderful views throughout the venue. If you haven’t been before, you may have heard of the Iconic Southend landmark (Cliffs Pavilion). It’s only a 9-10-minute drive up the road from here and the hotel is often used to accommodate overnight guests when going to see a show.

The Roslin hotel is popular with the locals as well as couples who travel from afar to marry & be part of its Essex charm. Fresh air, well-kept grounds and a great location make this appealing to engaged couples looking for a wedding venue in Essex. My couples often take a relaxed stroll along the beach on a nice day and sometimes go as far as the multi coloured beach huts at the end of the road.

Pictures of the exterior of the Roslin hotel

We weren’t too lucky with the weather during Amy and Ricky’s wedding but I think you’ll agree that come rain or shine, the Roslin beach hotel is a beautiful choice all year round. My couple were very down to earth and great together. I knew this was going to be a good day & it wasn’t long before the morning celebrations started in high spirits.


My day usually starts with the exteriors of the venue. You get less people milling around and some nice clean shots to begin your coverage. It was blustery and threatening to rain so I was quick to grab these before the heavens opened up and moved to the comfort of inside the hotel.

Amy (bride), was extremely laid back about the morning session and wanted me to “do my thing” which was great. I was a fly on the wall for the most part and captured the morning as it happened. I enjoy the natural flow of the getting ready part of the day so I don’t like to interrupt too much here.

Picture of the brides wedding dress hanging and the brides flower detail shot
The bride getting makeup done and bridal party laughing during the morning session.

Ricky, being a typical groom, didn’t want too much in the way of attention so my workaround for the groomsmen was to keep it relaxed and quick so they can continue with their morning. This seems to work really well and you tend to get more from the guys later in the day once they see how fast I work to get what I need during the morning.

The groomsmen getting ready in the ceremony room

He had a nice touch for the groomsmen with personalised flasks and this made for a great way to end my session with the lads and head back upstairs to the bridal suite.

The groomsmens gift flask detail shot with the wedding rings

I decided to ask if I could use the room next door to capture the first look with dad and get a couple of portraits of the bride. It meant we didn’t have to move the clutter around in the bridal suite so this worked well. I could tell Amy was very nervous now that the dress was on but she looking absolutely stunning and I was sure she would hold it together for the ceremony.

The first look with dad with the bride in her wedding dress

You’ll love the Roslin Hotel décor in the ceremony room. It comes complete with flowers on the ceiling and wonderful lights as standard. You can then choose to add your own flowers to match your colour scheme. It’s one of the only wedding venues in Essex that has ‘done for you’ flower decorations which is a bonus on your budget!

The bride walking down the stairs with her dad and an image of the ceremony room.

There were a few tears during Amy and Ricky’s ceremony which I love to capture. You could see on their faces just how much they loved each other and their guests enjoyed the proceedings before we all headed off to the bar for some drinks and canapés. It’s worth noting at this point that I’ve also shot weddings in the bar room where we went after the ceremony. You have 2 options on where to tie the knot at the Roslin beach hotel, so take a look at both and enquire to see which one suits your requirements best.

The bride sheds a tear as she walks down the aisle. The groom smiles as he sees his bride at the altar.
The bride's father smiles and tells the page boy to be quiet during the ceremony
The ring exchange and the first kiss at the altar.
The wedding guests clap and smile as the couple tie the knot
Drinks and Canapes are enjoyed by the guests

Due to the weather which was both windy and now raining, I decided to take the bride and groom away from the guests for 10 minutes to get some relaxed pictures of the couple on their own. This mini break also serves as a breather so you’re ready for the second part of the day. Amy and Ricky, as mentioned earlier, were so good together, they didn’t need much prompting and it was heartfelt and genuine.

The bride and groom hold each other and smile in the wedding breakfast room

The wedding breakfast room looked amazing. This was where the couple had tied the knot a couple of hours earlier. The staff are very efficient and polite here which I think is really important. So, the scene was set and the guests entered the room and took their seats. They planned some fun activities while the food was being prepared like cameras for the kids and table games.

Wedding breakfast details on the tables
The wedding breakfast layout of tables and decorations
The kids play their games at the tables while they wait for their food to arrive.
Reactions to the speeches after the meal

The bar room was used one last time while the wedding breakfast was cleared and transformed for the evening celebrations. Although you have the ceremony, wedding breakfast and the evening in the same room, it never feels like it because it looks so different each time. I think it works really well.

Wedding guests laugh during the drinks section of the day before evening starts

The couple hired a live band to kick things off and they enjoyed their first dance before opening the floor to the guests. It was honestly a joy to be part of this wedding and I wish Amy and Ricky all the best for the future.

The bride and groom dance during their first dance
The wedding band plays to the guests
The bride dances with her guests on the dance floor

My time had come to an end at the Roslin beach hotel in Southend but I’m already looking forward to coming back again. I’d put this wedding venue on your short list if you’re still looking. It just works so well.

If you’ve already booked this venue & you like my style and approach to a wedding, I’d love to hear from you so we can discuss what you have planned for your day. Drop me a little message here: or give me a call on 07746134504. It’s good to chat.

Thanks for reading guys,

Until next time – keep the love going!


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