The Dickens Inn wedding Photography, London

The exterior view of the wedding venue
The Dickens Inn wedding Photography-1

I do love a venue with a nice bit of history attached to it and the Dickens Inn certainly has that. As far as we know it dates back to the 18th Century & had to up sticks and move its location once upon a time due to housing developments.

Today, you’ll find it located near Tower Bridge, the Tower of London and the Shard right next to the river Thames. It has become one of the most successful pubs in the city with one critic describing the Dickens Inn as “the most atmospheric spot in the whole of London”.

I knew this would be a special wedding in the most wonderful location – a wedding photographers dream you could say.

We arranged to meet at the Dickens Inn for a pre wedding consultation and a good look around. One thing you’ll notice when you arrive is the buzz and gentle hum of people enjoying the views of the docks that are directly opposite the venue.

Francis and Zee are a lovely international couple (Groom- Irish, Bride- Chinese) that said they were up for anything when it came to the wedding day and we were bouncing some ideas off of each other, which started to create excitement as we thought through the possibilities.


The time had come for Francis & zee to tie the knot & it started in an unusual & unexpected way. Chinese tradition says that the groom has to perform a series of fun acts that need to meet the standards of the bride’s family to be allowed to get married. We had blindfolded drawings, building famous landmarks from marshmallows and toothpicks through to charades and unsavory food tasting. It was a fantastic icebreaker for all those in the room that were shy of the camera.

The groomsmen playing games at the Dickens Inn
The Dickens Inn wedding Photography-1
The groomsmen build a tower made from marshmallows and toothpicks
The Dickens Inn wedding Photography-2
The bride waits for the groom upstairs before they see each other for the first time
The Dickens Inn wedding Photography-3

All this went on while Zee (bride) was getting ready upstairs in her traditional Chinese attire. Should Francis pass the test, he could be allowed to enter the quarters of his bride-to-be and whisk her away down the aisle. Luckily for him (and us), he did pass the test and the morning section of the day was a success.

The groom waits at the bottom of the stairs and then sees his bride for the first time
The Dickens Inn wedding Photography-4
The bride hugs a young girl in her Chinese traditional wedding dress
The Dickens Inn wedding Photography-5

We finished things off with another tradition (Chinese tea) and then made a little detour in a black cab to the Nobu Hotel in Shoreditch for change of clothes.

The Chinese Tea party
The Dickens Inn wedding Photography-6

The Chinese part of the wedding had now been replaced with the traditional English celebrations that I for one was more accustomed to.

We had a fairytale white wedding dress for Zee and the lads opted for matching suits and braces.

It was a quick drop of whisky for Francis and his best friends at the bar while Zee jumped back in the cab and headed for The Dickens Inn.

The bride in her Chinese traditional dress
The Dickens Inn wedding Photography-7
The groomsmen drink whisky at the bar at Nobu Hotel
The Dickens Inn wedding Photography-8
Portraits of the brides parents in the hotel room
The Dickens Inn wedding Photography-9
A happy bride gets her hair done with her wedding dress hanging on the wall and shoes below
The Dickens Inn wedding Photography-10
A portrait of the bride and the wedding dress hanging on the wall
The Dickens Inn wedding Photography-11
An image of the brides jewellery and a happy portrait of the bride in her wedding dress
The Dickens Inn wedding Photography-12
The bride waits outside Nobu hotel with her parents and bridal party for a  taxi
The Dickens Inn wedding Photography-13
A portrait of the bride with her parents in the back of a taxi
The Dickens Inn wedding Photography-14
The bride in her wedding dress walking up the stairs to the Dickens Inn
The Dickens Inn wedding Photography-15

The ceremony went without a hitch and before you knew it, the couple was drinking champagne with their wedding guests in a special designated area reserved for Francis and Zee.

It was time to go under cover and capture some of the characters in the crowd. I love picking off personalities and moments when people least expect it. Those natural shots always make for the best images on the day.

The bride walks down the aisle with her dad
The Dickens Inn wedding Photography-16
The wedding guests look on as the bride and groom stand at the altar during the ceremony
The Dickens Inn wedding Photography-17
The exchange of the wedding rings and the first kiss at the couple tie the knot
The Dickens Inn wedding Photography-18
The wedding guests congratulate the bride and groom during drinks and canapes
The Dickens Inn wedding Photography-19
The wedding guests having fun at the Dickens Inn
The Dickens Inn wedding Photography-20
The groomsmen have fun outside the Dickens Inn and the kids join in
The Dickens Inn wedding Photography-21

As the evening approached, the staff at the Dickens Inn prepared the room for wedding breakfast. The couple and I had discussed going down to Tower Bridge to take some nice shots and utilize the gorgeous location.  I bought a bottle of champagne for Francis and Zee to enjoy but forgot the glasses 🙂

I made a mad dash into a restaurant and asked if I could borrow 2 glasses so that we could achieve this shot I had in mind. That duly obliged and the results were amazing by the river Thames. A big shout out to the restaurant for helping me out big time. I really appreciate it.

We headed back to the venue with some emotional and funny speeches and some Irish dancing to kick the evening off.

Detail shots of the table decorations for the wedding breakfast
The Dickens Inn wedding Photography-22
Shots of the wedding guests having fun at their tables during the wedding breakfast
The Dickens Inn wedding Photography-23
Jokes are shared during the speeches
The Dickens Inn wedding Photography-24
The first dance for the bride and groom
The Dickens Inn wedding Photography-25
Irish dancing to kick the evening celebrations off
The Dickens Inn wedding Photography-26
A portrait of the couple during sunset at the Tower Bridge
The Dickens Inn wedding Photography-27
An evening portrait of the couple sitting drinking champagne next to the Tower Bridge
The Dickens Inn wedding Photography-28

Francis and Zee’s big day had come to and end and were now Mr and Mrs.

Another wedding at the Dickens Inn, London was a success and comes highly recommended if you’re thinking of booking this for your wedding day.

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