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I was back at the wonderful Leez priory wedding venue recently and it never fails to impress. This Chelmsford wedding photography event just oozed with class and elegance. I can’t wait to show you how the day unfolded. Check this out!

Images of Leez priory wedding venue in Chelmsford

This wedding took place in Late October 2022 so the weather can be touch and go. All you can do is look up and see what’s happening. Luckily the gods were smiling down on us and the pre planned outdoor ceremony was to go ahead as normal.

Leez priory offers 4 areas where couples can tie the knot. I can’t think of any other venue in Essex that has so much choice. My couple today chose under the tower to get married (which in my experience has been THE most popular location at this wedding venue).

My day started around 3 hours before the ceremony which is ample time to capture bride and groom prep. It’s all pretty close together so swapping between the 2 areas is easy for a photographer. Dale, (the groom) had the little man with him who also got ready with his best man in the cottage not far from the Leez priory car park. The morning session with the guys was fun and didn’t take too long to capture.

Baby boy having his socks pulled off

Picture of the wedding rings in a box

Groomsmen getting ready

Groom putting his shoes on and his jacket

It wasn’t long before I left the guys to it and headed back over to the main building at Leez Priory in Chelmsford. The ladies were at the later stages of getting ready which is what I prefer capturing to be honest. I haven’t had a bride that has chosen any photos of her before the hair and makeup has been completed. Alice, (the bride) was having her dress done up at the back when I returned. We then added the flowers and captured some stunning shots just moments before the ceremony.

Front and back portrait of the bride in her wedding dress

The bride having her makeup done

Black and white portraits of the bride in her wedding dress

I’m a Chelmsford wedding photographer based in Essex and I can’t think of many places (certainly close by) that offers couples so many options for photo opportunities. I can see why this wedding venue is so popular in Essex.

The aisle walk from the main building to the altar is pretty epic too. It’s up there with one of the longest walks a bridal party can make and it adds to the excitement.

We had live musicians walking the bride and her bridesmaids down the aisle. The sun came out during the ceremony and it all went off without a hitch. It was a lovely moment to be part of. This is how the wedding ceremony went down at Leez Priory in Chelmsford:

Lice musicians playing during the wedding ceremony

Groom looking up to the sky at the altar

Bride and son walking down the aisle during the ceremony

Bride and groom kissing and holding hands at the altar

Bride and groom listening to a reading during the ceremony

The giving of wedding rings during the ceremony

Bride and groom kissing at the end of the ceremony

Baby boy walking down the aisle with the bride and groom

Once you’ve tied the knot at this lovely wedding venue in Chelmsford, the wedding guests are invited over for some welcome drinks and canapés. This takes place a stones throw from where most couples get married. It’s convenient and hassle free. Guests also have access to the bar area and the piano room inside if it’s a little nippy for you.

I’m given roughly 90 minutes to capture some candids of guests mingling, the confetti shot, the couples shots and of course the more traditional group shots. When you’ve being doing wedding photography in Chelmsford nearly 10 years, it becomes second nature to fit all this in comfortably so everyone enjoys the experience.

Being late October, it’s important to capture everything the couples require BEFORE the sit down meal otherwise you’ll lose the good light and then your day takes on a didn’t vibe altogether. I think we smashed it today. Alice and Dale were awesome together. it was like I wasn’t there and that’s gold for a wedding photographer. Check out what happened before the wedding reception:

Wedding guests mingling and drinking on the field

Wedding guests enjoying drinks and canapés

Baby boy playing with his car

Wedding guests talking and hugging at the bar inside the venue

Wedding guest stops little boy in his car with his foot

The confetti shot

Black and white portrait of the bride and groom next to the tower

Bride and groom kissing and walking around the venue

Leez priory also offers a few options for wedding receptions depending on the numbers you have going to your wedding. Alice and Dale chose the room closest to the car park where you would have first arrived. The speeches were after the 3 courses and that’s a preferred choice for most couples. It means the service staff can completely remove themselves from the area and they’re not waiting on them to finish to continue serving food. Something to consider if you’re undecided when planning your own wedding.

I’ve heard plenty of speeches in my time but these were heartfelt and emotional. I have a few to show you of how this part of the day went for Alice and Dale:

The bride and groom enter the reception room

The best man speech

The bride and groom speeches

Guests raise a glass and cheers during the speeches

We now reached what I refer to as the wedding lull just before the evening starts properly. It give you chance to catch up with guests that you haven’t spoken to and work the room until the cutting of the cake and first dance. Everything happens in close proximity for the evening session at Leez priory in Chelmsford. The main building by the bar is where it all happens. The couple wanted to finish on some night time shots which I thought was a great way to end my coverage (a few songs after the first dance). Here’s how the wedding finished that evening:

Guests eating and drinking

First dance shots of the bride and groom

Black and white portraits of the bride and groom dancing

There you have it! Chelmsford wedding photography with elegance and style. Classic, timeless memories to keep that will still look good in 40 years time. I’m Chris Woodman – a Chelmsford wedding photographer for almost 10 years now.

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