All roads lead to the Ivy Tower Bridge for this couple.


All roads did indeed lead to the stunning Ivy Tower bridge in London for Charlotte & Louis. First stop though for morning prep was a London landmark most of you will be familiar with – The Shard.


An imposing and impressive edition to the Capitals skyline at 95 storeys high, and a popular place for loved up couples to marry since its opening in July 2012. Charlotte & Louis chose to get ready at the Shard on separate floors to remain traditional and not see each other until the ceremony. The rooms are impeccable as expected and the views are spectacular, (you don’t need to visit this iconic place to know that I’m sure). You literally couldn’t go wrong. The Shard in the morning and the Ivy Tower Bridge for the reception.

I arrived at the bride’s room first and started with the wedding details. Quite often this consists of shoes, perfume, rings, jewellery & of course the dress. There was one detail that was most definitely unique though, and that was the message to one another on the windows of the Shard. I’m not sure if this is encouraged, but I loved it and it was worth the capture.

Weddings at The Ivy Tower Bridge - The brides shoes and Jewellery

The now seemingly customary glass of Prosecco found its way into the hands of the lady’s early doors & I hear this is a great place to start if you’re suffering with nerves. Personalised glasses too. This was a bride that thought about details and it’s never a bad thing from a Photographers point of view. Charlotte even had a custom-made supersized straw for a laugh. All good fun!

Weddings at The Ivy Tower Bridge - Bridesmaids drinking Prosecco

Weddings at The Ivy Tower Bridge - Bride drinking ChampagneThe Ivy Tower Bridge - Wedding dress and bride drinking

Weddings at The Ivy Tower Bridge - Messages written on a window

The groom was on a different floor & that’s where I headed next to capture the morning prep. These moments never take too long and the guys appreciate this approach. It was Bow tie on, Jacket on, open presents from the future wife and done!

The Ivy Tower Bridge - Groom putting on bow tie

The Ivy Tower Bridge - The groom opening his present

The Ivy Tower Bridge - The best man with the groom

Time was tapping me on the shoulder at this point but it just so happened that Charlotte had slipped into her dress and we were straight into the first look with her brother and her dad simultaneously. It’s always a lovely moment if you have time.

The Ivy Tower Bridge - Mother and bride laugh

The Ivy Tower Bridge - First look with brother and dad

That was it! We were off to the ceremony that took place at the old Marylebone Town Hall which is a stone’s throw from Regent’s Park.  The couple had planned to take all the guests (myself included), to the ceremony via the iconic red double decker buses. It was another opportunity to grab some candid’s while on route. I wasn’t complaining!

The Ivy Tower Bridge - Guest board the red bus

The Ivy Tower Bridge - Guests laughing on the busThe Ivy Tower Bridge - Guests get off the busThe Ivy Tower Bridge - Guests use umbrellas in the rain

The grade II listed registry office in Marylebone offers marble floors as you walk in and stunning dark wood walls in their ceremony rooms. We had a 20-minute ceremony and then it was back outside the building near the imposing concrete pillars for group shots, confetti and some couple shots. There was a nice cobbled street close by that I’d scouted out on a previous visit, so I whisked the couple off while the guests jumped back on the bus to end the afternoon session in style.

The Ivy Tower Bridge - dad waits for daughter

The Ivy Tower Bridge - First look with bridesmaids

The Ivy Tower Bridge - Bride walks down the aisle with dad

The Ivy Tower Bridge - Bride and groom laugh together

The Ivy Tower Bridge - Wedding guests watch the ceremony

The Ivy Tower Bridge - Bride and groom read messages to each other

The Ivy Tower Bridge - The wedding rings

Bride and groom exchange rings

Bride and groom kiss

The confetti shot

Full group shot on stairs

bride and groom pose

Bride and groom laugh and walk

We weren’t on route to the Ivy Tower Bridge just yet though. Charlotte and Louis planned a pit stop at the newly opened Prosecco bar just round the corner from the Ivy. A classy establishment with on point staff to cater to your every demand. We had around 90 minutes at this highly recommended bar before finally walking to our wedding reception at the Ivy.

Bride and groom next to red bus

guests arrive at Prosecco bar

guests drinking inside the Prosecco bar

The Prosecco bar

Guest drinking and laughing

Bride and groom sitting inside Prosecco bar

The Ivy Tower Bridge

 Located opposite the popular tower of London attraction, The Ivy is an exquisite dining experience and the perfect place for a wedding reception. My couple had opted for the Tower Bridge view room that offered panoramic views of the Thames and the Tower bridge. It has a marble topped bar and opulent vintage artwork to impress even the most affluent guests. Yes, weddings at the Ivy Tower Bridge are a big deal and it’s no wonder Charlotte and Louis chose this venue to play such an important role on their big day. As you could probably guess, everything went as planned and on time at the Ivy. We had drinks and Canapés upon arrival, speeches to follow that and then a wee dance into the night to finish what was a gorgeous wedding and very well planned. I thoroughly enjoyed this experience. A lovely couple and a beautiful setting to start their married life together.

Walking towards the Ivy

The reception room

The reception room 2

Guests drinking inside the Ivy

Bride and guest posing for picture

Guests drinking at the Ivy

Bride and groom enter the room

The speeches

Father and Daughter dance

The first dance

Guests dancing

So, there we have it, all roads did lead to the Ivy Tower Bridge on a summer’s day in July 2021. If you enjoyed looking at my work and reading this blog, please stop by at my home page and take a look around to see what else inspires you.

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Thanks for your time guys!

See you on the next one

~ Chris



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