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It’s always a pleasure to cover weddings at Silvermere ,inn on the lake. The venue is beautifully placed next to an idyllic lake and is part of an exclusive golf complex in the heart of Surrey. It’s nothing short of a wedding photographers dream, so when I got asked to capture Grace & Andy’s big day, I jumped at the chance.

We started the day at the family home, which wasn’t too far from Silvermere and made for the perfect choice to get wedding ready. Grace was a super chilled bride-to-be so the atmosphere at home was relaxed and well organized. You could tell she was very family orientated which I can totally relate to (having come from a loving family home myself).

Cinematic wedding films at Silvermere Inn on the Lake, Surrey
Bride having makeup done with some wedding detail shots
Wedding Photography at Silvermere 01
-Chris Woodman Photography
Brides mum doing brides wedding dress up at the back
Wedding Photography at Silvermere 02
-Chris Woodman Photography
Mum helps with finishing touches of brides wedding dress
Wedding Photography at Silvermere 03
-Chris Woodman Photography

Andy (the groom) decided to get ready just 2 minutes walk from Grace so logistically this worked out very well. Traditionally, the groomsmen getting ready is rather like Usain Bolt in the 100m sprints – blink and you’ll miss it. It was suit on, hair styled and drinks flowing. I always look to keep things simple, stress free and as natural as possible for the most pleasing results so I was ready for this. I was back with the bride in no time.

Groom laughs with groomsmen as they add the buttonholes to their wedding suits
Wedding Photography at Silvermere 04
-Chris Woodman Photography
Groomsmen enjoy a joke drinking champagne
Wedding Photography at Silvermere 05
-Chris Woodman Photography
Groomsmen laugh outside their hotel
Wedding Photography at Silvermere 06
-Chris Woodman Photography

Grace, followed by her mum had just gone upstairs to get the dress on. She looked incredibly elegant & was a girl of good taste. Her Jimmy Choo shoes & matching handbag completed the look and we were all set to go to church to make it official. They chose to marry at the wonderful St Andrews Church, which has 850 years of history to its name and is located in Cobham, Surrey. While we’re on the subject of churches, if you’re thinking of having a church wedding, this link might be of interest to you. It has all you need to know about getting married in a church ,from legal requirements through to licenses & even hymn choices: I hope this helps 🙂

Bride see her dad for the first time and mum joins for a family photo
Wedding Photography at Silvermere 07
-Chris Woodman Photography
Dad looks at his daughter as they arrive in the wedding car
Wedding Photography at Silvermere 08
-Chris Woodman Photography

As expected, the church ceremony went without a hitch and we were soon looking forward to arriving at Silvermere ,Inn on the lake for early refreshments in the blistering sunshine. The couple had chose to have confetti at Silvermere so we had all the guests line up at the front of the venue to welcome the new Mr & Mrs. This was the first time Grace & Andy got to see all their planning come to fruition and the staff there did a fantastic job in making their dream become a reality. It had a great summer vibe with a setting hard to beat by the waters edge.

flower girls walks down the aisle at church
Wedding Photography at Silvermere 09
-Chris Woodman Photography
bride and dad walk down the aisle in the church as the groom looks towards them
Wedding Photography at Silvermere 10
-Chris Woodman Photography
dad gives bride a kiss on the cheek at the alter
Wedding Photography at Silvermere 11
-Chris Woodman Photography
rear view shot of the bride and groom at the later in church
Wedding Photography at Silvermere 12
-Chris Woodman Photography
bride looks lovingly at the groom during the ceremony and enjoys a joke while taking a seat
Wedding Photography at Silvermere 13
-Chris Woodman Photography
flower girl sits in the aisle and watches the ceremony
Wedding Photography at Silvermere 14
-Chris Woodman Photography
Bride and groom exchange wedding rings at the alter
Wedding Photography at Silvermere 15
-Chris Woodman Photography
bride and groom kiss at the alter
Wedding Photography at Silvermere 16
-Chris Woodman Photography
confetti shot as the bride and groom walk past their wedding guests
Wedding Photography at Silvermere 17
-Chris Woodman Photography

The guests enjoyed drinks and Canapés on the decking which is capable of comfortably holding 200 people during a wedding day. I prefer to kick back and capture moments from afar so you really get to see personalities rather than penguins if you know where I’m coming from :-). We had around 90 minutes to capture group shots and all that good stuff before the couple was welcomed into the bespoke marquee to rapturous applause.

wedding drinks are served to the guests
Wedding Photography at Silvermere 18
-Chris Woodman Photography
bride and groom holding hands happy
Wedding Photography at Silvermere 19
-Chris Woodman Photography

The top table was positioned in such a way so that the new Mr & Mrs Baxter had the most stunning views over the lake. It’s a place where you could quite simply drink champagne all afternoon and watch the world go by, unless of course, you hire a magician!

The wedding table details
Wedding Photography at Silvermere 20
-Chris Woodman Photography
A memory board of the happy couple
Wedding Photography at Silvermere 21
-Chris Woodman Photography
wedding guests laughing and joking having drinks
Wedding Photography at Silvermere 22
-Chris Woodman Photography

This is always a good shout and something you might want to consider. Magicians at weddings are big business these days and there are plenty of very talented people that can entertain your guests while they wait for their meals to arrive. One thing it does do is relax everyone and brings people together. Grace & Andy’s magician expertly worked the crowd going from table to table and wowing all that came before him.

Bride and groom enter the room to a standing ovation from the wedding guests and the speeches begin
Wedding Photography at Silvermere 23
-Chris Woodman Photography
Top table laugh at the speeches
Wedding Photography at Silvermere 24
-Chris Woodman Photography
The wedding cake details
Wedding Photography at Silvermere 25
-Chris Woodman Photography
Magician shows his tricks to the bride and groom
Wedding Photography at Silvermere 26
-Chris Woodman Photography

When the perfect moment arrived, the wedding planner at Silvermere arranged 2 golf buggies to take our couple from the front of the venue, through a well-kept forest path and over the other side of the sprawling lake for some alone time and a chance to capture the couple together for first time that day. The evening light and the warm summer breeze were most welcome. Even the golfers playing on one of Surrey’s finest golf courses during the shoot were very helpful. They stopped play so we could end with the finale, which incorporated much of the stunning landscape & an array of summer colors coming from the surrounding trees and shrubs. There really are plenty of photo opportunities at Silvermere and we utilized our time well and kept the whole vibe chilled.

Flower girl laughs by the lake
Wedding Photography at Silvermere 27
-Chris Woodman Photography
Bride and groom laugh inside a golf buggy
Wedding Photography at Silvermere 28
-Chris Woodman Photography
Bride and groom pose for a portrait
Wedding Photography at Silvermere 29
-Chris Woodman Photography
Bride and groom pose for a black and white image
Wedding Photography at Silvermere 30
-Chris Woodman Photography
Bride and groom hold hands by the lake
Wedding Photography at Silvermere 31
-Chris Woodman Photography
Bride and groom walking holding hands and laughing
Wedding Photography at Silvermere 32
-Chris Woodman Photography

I was very aware of keeping good time so not to have the bride & groom apart from their guests any longer than they had to be. The cutting of the cake took place right next to the waters edge and from there it was party time in the marquee.

Bride and groom cut the cake
Wedding Photography at Silvermere 33
-Chris Woodman Photography
Bride and groom enjoy the first dance
Wedding Photography at Silvermere 34
-Chris Woodman Photography

Weddings at Silvermere ,Inn on the lake don’t get any cuter than this. It was an absolute pleasure to spend the day with Andy & Grace & I wish them all the very best for the future. Below you’ll find a select few moments from their magical day. If you enjoyed this month’s entry, be sure to check back on my blog for some updates of more epic weddings throughout the year.

Bride and groom dance to the music of their first dance
Wedding Photography at Silvermere 35
-Chris Woodman Photography
The wedding band plays while the wedding guests join in dancing
Wedding Photography at Silvermere 36
-Chris Woodman Photography

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Until next time guys, take care!


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