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Leez priory is a lavish Essex wedding venue in Chelmsford & a superb place to have a summer wedding (or even a winter one at that). It’s a 16th Century mansion and boy does it play host in style. Scott & Sarah (Bride & Groom) had chose Leez Priory as their favoured destination & I was super happy that they chose me to be part of their celebrations.

We met here a few months prior to the wedding so we could go through the timeline of events and so I could listen to what the couple had in mind in terms of covering their big day.

My coverage actually started away from Leez priory at a place called Pontlands Park hotel where the groom got ready. Both the bride and groom were very laid back so Scott took my lead & we had a very chilled morning to start their big day.

Leez Priory wedding photography - The wedding order of service

The groomsmen getting ready

Portrait of the groom

The wedding rings

Leez Priory Wedding Photography - Image of the groomsmen in their suits

Leez Priory Wedding Venue

After covering Scott getting ready, I headed over to Leez priory to see how Sarah was getting on. We had already arranged for me to meet the ladies upstairs in the main quarters where the bridal party often add their finishing touches. There is a small cottage just a stones throw from the main building where the bridal party can stay overnight. It’s the cottage where things get underway before walking everything over to get wedding ready. Brides also get a really good view of guests arriving and the ceremony being set up (if you have an outdoor wedding of course).

The wedding dress and wedding shoes

Portrait of the bride in her wedding dress

The bride with her wedding flowers

Scott & Sarah chose to marry under the huge tower in the courtyard at the back of the venue. This is just one of the places that you can tie the knot. There are 2 other indoor areas that offer possibilities so don’t forget to check them all out to see what’s right for you.

At this point of the wedding, I leave the bride to collect her thoughts before she makes the long, scenic walk across the grass and down the aisle. Scott was surprisingly calm on the surface from what I could see & the ceremony flowed beautifully.

The bridal party coming down the aisle

The bride and bridesmaids walking down the aisle

The bride sees the groom at the altar

Leez Priory wedding photography - the wedding readings

Leez Priory wedding photography - the exchange of rings

Leez Priory wedding photography - the kiss and signing of the register

Leez Priory wedding photography - the bride and groom walk back down the aisle

The ceremony typically takes around 20-25 minutes and then the guests are greeted with drinks and Canapés on the lawn. I simply kick back at this stage and go full on candid photographer. It’s a lovely part of the day right before the couple shots and the more traditional family photographs.

Leez Priory Wedding Photography - Guests drinking and mingling

Leez Priory Wedding Photography - The confetti shot

Leez Priory Wedding Photography - the couples shots

Leez Priory Wedding Photography - Bridal portraits

Leez Priory Wedding Photography - Guests mingling

Once the couple shots and formal bits are complete, I leave the wedding guests to mingle while I get the details recorded in the reception room. To get to the reception, you have to walk back through the courtyard and back up the gravel pathway to the carpark. The reception room is opposite the car park on the left hand side.

The staff always do a stellar job – it looks amazing every time!

The guests walk up first and leave the couple until last before being welcomed in to a huge roar.

The wedding cake

The wedding reception details

Portrait of the bride and groom walking holding hands

The wedding speeches

Everyone was fed and watered and now it was time for just a few more pleasantries before the party could begin. I’ve been to Leez priory on a number of occasions but I can’t remember ever having the cake cut in front of the huge wooden doors. Every cake cut I’ve ever done has taken place just inside the doors but I wasn’t complaining – it was a beautiful setting that led nicely into the first dance.

The cake was moved and the music started for the bride and groom to take centre stage. They wasn’t one for the limelight so after around a minute, they had asked their guests to join them where they felt much more comfortable.

The cutting of the cake

The first dance

Wedding bands are big business these days. I often see them at the Leez Priory wedding venue where they have the perfect place to perform. They setup in between the two huge imposing wooden doors & face the courtyard where all the guests are mingling. It’s a lovely vibe as the sun sets in the distance.

I couldn’t fault these guys, they got everyone moving and enjoying the evening session. As the champagne flowed, it made for some interesting moments from the guests. You’ve got to love those candid moments where people have no care in the world.

The wedding band playing

The wedding guests dancing

The guests dancing to the live band

Leez Priory Wedding Photography - Guests having fun on the dance floor

So as the sun went down on another glorious Leez Priory wedding, I said goodbye to Scott & Sarah and thanked them once again for allowing me to be part of their big day.

There you have it, this lavish Chelmsford wedding venue rocks it once again. Thank you for visiting my Leez priory wedding photography blog. This one was fun & certainly not a wedding I’ll forget anytime soon.

I write these blogs for a source of inspiration for couples looking to get married in the near future. This venue is definitely a recommendation from me & one I think you should go and have a look closer at if you’re getting married in Essex. Check out my home page here if you wanted to explore more of my work:

I have many more full wedding day experiences in my blog and it’s there that you’ll find the most inspiration. Head on over to this link to discover how other couples have rocked their big days:

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Look after yourselves

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