Top tips to create a stunningly bohemian wedding

Are you considering the theme of your special day? Having a theme helps to bring all the elements of your decor, attire and general atmosphere together seamlessly. If you are a lover of all things natural and whimsical, of flowing fabrics, textured floral arrangements and cosy spaces, then a bohemian-themed wedding may be perfect for you.


By definition, bohemian means socially unconventional and artistic. But for many, boho has been adopted as a romantic, ethereal, free-spirited aesthetic with laid back vibes and dreamy accents. Here are our top tips for creating a stunningly bohemian theme for your wedding.

Get creative

In keeping with the underlying theme of Mother Earth, many boho brides take a keen interest in making their wedding as eco-friendly as possible. One of the best ways to do this is to unlock your inner artist and get creative with crafting your own decorations, signs and centrepieces.


Repurposing glass jars, vases, wicker baskets, wooden crates and any other earthy pieces you can find brings a wonderful whimsical feel to your wedding decor. Be sure to opt for natural flower petal confetti, as it’s biodegradable and won’t be dangerous for wildlife like the plastic alternatives. You can even make it yourself with a little bit of time.

Throw out the rule book

As you work through your wedding checklist, you may feel a little concerned at how many little extras there are to think about. But who says you have to follow the rules?


For some, the rigid and formal structure of traditional weddings can feel uncomfortable. If laid back and care-free is more your style, why not opt for a buffet or BBQ after your ceremony, where people can choose where they sit and eat at their own pace.


If you’re working on a tight budget, you could even invite your guests to all bring a dish for the table, and create a wonderfully personal and unique platter for everyone to share. These arrangements immediately eliminate the need for a seating plan or place name cards, which will save you time and money.

Be playful

A strong identifying trait of bohemian style is the unconventional mixture of prints, colours and textures that are often bundled together to create a multidimensional space that speaks to the wild and free on a personal level. Ethereal elements such as crystals, quartz, fairy lights, dream-catchers, candles, lanterns and even celestial imagery can be used to invite your guests to settle down in cosy relaxation areas, abundant with plump floor cushions and blankets as the evening sets in.


Look for unconventional natural materials such as large ferns and greenery, wildflowers, ferns, eucalyptus and feathers to use as floral arrangements for an earthy tone. In contrast to rustic-themed weddings, bohemian style is typically colourful and fun, so take pleasure in mixing it up.

Make it your own

Above all, creating a bohemian theme for your wedding should be about expressing what you love, your individuality and your artistic quality. Taking inspiration from others can be a great way to get your creative juices flowing and build your own stunning wedding.

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