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Outdoor weddings at Braxted Park are truly stunning. This wedding venue is one of the jewels in the Essex wedding industry. A breathtaking country house set on 500 acres of lush Essex grounds. It’s incredibly popular with couples looking to tie the knot because come rain or shine, Braxted Park wedding venue will deliver you the wedding you always imagined. I’m Chris Woodman ~ a Classic, Timeless Essex Wedding Photographer based in Basildon and lucky enough to have shot many weddings at Braxted Park over the years.

Braxted Park Wedding Photography - Shots of the venue outdoorsBraxted Park Wedding Photography -

It was the turn of Mollie & Joe this time around. A beautiful couple that chose to get married outside in the secluded gardens close to the reception marquee. The venue is plenty big enough to uphold the tradition and keep the bride and groom from bumping into each other before the ceremony.

I’ll often start with the bridal party and capture the details before documenting the hive of activity that the ladies create as they get ready. Joe arrived mid way through the morning with the groomsmen and the couple’s young son.

The groomsmen get ready next door to the secluded grounds where the wedding outdoor ceremony takes place at Braxted Park. Father and son getting ready together made for a touching moment during this session. The lads enjoying a beer and keeping the mood chilled and authentic was the order of the day to finish their coverage.

All in all I spend around 15-20 minutes with groomsmen. It’s best not to overshoot the guys and they appreciate this approach. Let’s be honest, most of the attention will be on the bride and her bridal party, so the majority of the getting ready session was spent with them.

Braxted Park Wedding Photography - The wedding rings and cufflinksBraxted Park Wedding Photography - Father of the bride getting ready

Braxted Park Wedding Photography - Father and son get ready

The groomsmen enjoy a drink together in the garden

Enjoying drinks and the giving of gifts are just a few ways to distract from people noticing the camera. Planning fun things like this keeps the getting ready session lighthearted and candid and it’s this that gives the best results when you get your memories back after the event.

So the stage was set, Joe was waiting patiently in the grounds of their outdoor wedding at Braxted Park. Mollie and the girls made the beautiful walk through the well-kept gardens and the down the aisle to get the official proceedings underway.

The bridal party laugh and enjoy drinks

The first look with bridesmaids

First look with dad

Bride's dad kisses his daughter

Portraits of the bride in her wedding dress

The bridal party in their dresses

The sun was shining down on them (quite literally), as the ceremony went on without a hitch. The useful thing about having your wedding outdoors at Braxted Park is that your wedding guests won’t have to go far to get their first drink of the day. You’re right next door to where the staff offers their guests drinks and canapés. We’ll often do the confetti straight after the ceremony so the guests can enjoy mingling without interruption as much as possible.

Braxted Park Wedding Photography - The live music is played to guests

Braxted Park Wedding Photography - The wedding guests seated at the ceremony

Braxted Park Wedding Photography - The bride walks down the aisle

Braxted Park Wedding Photography - The bride and groom emotional at the altar

Braxted Park Wedding Photography - The wedding rings are swapped during the ceremony

Braxted Park Wedding Photography - The bride and groom laugh and kiss during the ceremony

The bride and groom seated listening to a reading

The guests watch on at the ceremony

The bride and groom cheer at the altar

It’s a great opportunity for me to capture the reception room details while everyone enjoys each other’s company. The team at Braxted Park always impress when it comes to décor. They didn’t disappoint on this occasion either. Soft pinks, greens and white filled the room and wowed the guests.

The bride poses and the canapés are given out

The guests enjoy mingling in the venue grounds

The reception room decor

As far as the speeches went, they were always going to be emotional. Mollie & Joes families are very close so the speeches were intimate and wholehearted. Tears are a photographer’s dream. Mollie broke rank first when her sister stood up to address the top table and onlooking guests.

Weddings at Braxted Park usually have the cake cut in the same place which is right next to the dance floor. A flower wall is often used as a beautiful backdrop.

Braxted Park Wedding Photography - The speeches

Braxted Park Wedding Photography - the bride laughs during the speeches

Braxted Park Wedding Photography - The cutting of the cake

For the next part of the day, we did something that I don’t often do, and that was capturing the couple shots after the cake cut. The light was starting to fade so we headed out around the grounds to ensure we recorded some truly stunning photographs of the couple. If you book a wedding at Braxted Park, you’ll no doubt be offered the use of a golf buggy to get you from A to B. This is really helpful considering the size of the wedding venue.

The bride and groom laugh outdoors for their couple shots

Black and white shots of the couple outdoors

When we returned, the couple made their grand entrance to their waiting live band behind the huge draping curtains at Braxted Park.The curtains lifted and Mollie and Joe entered to huge applause. The band was lively and created the perfect atmosphere for me to capture the party shots and finish on a high.

The bride and groom make their big entrance

The bride and groom first dance

Braxted Park Wedding Photography - The bride dances on the dance floor

The groomsmen party on the dance floor

Braxted Park Wedding Photography - The bride and groom under a veil

Weddings at Braxted Park are always breathtaking. If you can have yours outdoors, you absolutely won’t regret it!

So, there you have it. What a day and what a stunning wedding venue. I’m Chris Woodman – a Braxted Park Wedding Photographer based in Essex. Check out my website here:  and more inspirational blogs for your big day here:

Drop me a message if you’re looking for a wedding photographer. I never do the hard sell I promise. I’ll guide and help you towards what you might need to cover your celebrations.

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Thanks so much for taking a look!

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