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Engaged? Well what now? Let me throw the charming Dorchester Hotel London into the hat for your consideration. It won’t hurt to look & you could do plenty worse than starting right here (take it from me).

Firstly, you don’t have to book your entire wedding at the Dorchester Hotel. Emily & Ike (B&G), decided to have their reception there so they could get ready near their home in Canary wharf. Full day options are available, give them a call – the wedding planner is so helpful & that makes all the difference.

The brides white wedding dress, shoes, jewellery and flowers
The Dorchester-hotel-London-Wedding-Photography-1
Chris Woodman Photography

My coverage started at the lovely Novotel hotel in Canary wharf with Emily & her bridal party. As you can imagine, it was nerves mixed with excitement as we listened to spotify on the portable speakers while the ladies got themselves wedding ready. Ike had opted not to have his getting ready session captured so I first saw him at the church.

The bridesmaids putting makeup on using a small handheld mirror
The Dorchester-hotel- London-Wedding-Photography-2
Chris Woodman Photography
The bride sitting down having her hair done wearing her dressing gown
The Dorchester-hotel-London-Wedding-Photography-3
Chris Woodman Photography

There are not many weddings where you’re left twiddling your thumbs and waiting for the time to pass before you marry the partner of your dreams. In fact, using up every ounce of time (and more) is pretty much the norm on the big day and this was no different.

Detail shot of the brides engagement ring and a portrait of the bride putting her earrings in
The Dorchester-hotel-London-Wedding-Photography-4
Chris Woodman Photography
The bridesmaid putting her shoes on and the bride wearing her wedding dress putting her veil on
The Dorchester-hotel-London-Wedding-Photography-5
Chris Woodman Photography

I’m not going to lie, when the clock is ticking and the dress should have been on 20 minutes ago, I go from wedding photographer to super helper to prepare for the imminent departure and ensure we stay on track. In the past, I’ve packed cars, tidied rooms and even driven bridesmaids from one location to the next. I actually think it should be that way. We’re all in it as one and I love how everyone pulls together to really make the day something special for the couple.

The bride shows her wedding dress to her happy bridesmaids and then receive wedding gifts to open
The Dorchester-hotel-London-Wedding-Photography-6
Chris Woodman Photography
Portraits of the bride using window light both standing and seated
The Dorchester-hotel-London-Wedding-Photography-7
Chris Woodman Photography
Portraits of the bride standing by the window holding her flowers
The Dorchester-hotel-London-Wedding-Photography-8
Chris Woodman Photography

This time, I had planned to ride with the bride and her father, which can be a special moment in itself, but the real reason was my fear of not beating the bride to church and having to navigate through the weekend drivers.

The bride gives the flower girl her flowers and then the bridal party head towards the wedding car
The Dorchester-hotel-London-Wedding-Photography-9
Chris Woodman Photography

We were heading to the Hinde Street Methodist church, which is situated in an exclusive corner of the capital, and just a stones throw from opulent Mayfair. The ceremony went without a hitch and we found ourselves walking to the Manchester gardens for the formal group photographs.

The bride sitting inside her wedding car with her dad looking out of the window
The Dorchester-hotel-London-Wedding-Photography-10
Chris Woodman Photography
A red double decker London bus collects the wedding guests
The Dorchester-hotel-London-Wedding-Photography-11
Chris Woodman Photography

**TIP ALERT – A really cool way to get your guests from A to B during a London wedding is to consider hiring a double decker bus. A good ol’ world famous red one to keep your favorite people together. Emily and Ike did just that. The guests went straight to the Dorchester and we went to a few nearby locations to mix up the scenery a little.

The bride walks down the aisle with her dad
The Dorchester-hotel-London-Wedding-Photography-12
Chris Woodman Photography
The bride and groom exchange wedding rings during the ceremony and then kiss while a guest sings
The Dorchester-hotel-London-Wedding-Photography-13
Chris Woodman Photography
Happy Flower girl and paige boy sitting on the ceremony floor with smiling wedding guests
The Dorchester-hotel-London-Wedding-Photography-14
Chris Woodman Photography
The happy Bride and groom walk down the stairs while the wedding guests throw confetti over them
The Dorchester-hotel-London-Wedding-Photography-15
Chris Woodman Photography

We were fighting against the clock somewhat so we had to be fairly swift with the couple shots. Luckily, I knew exactly what they wanted and we were able to capture a lovely set of images both in the surrounding areas & back at the Dorchester Hotel.

The bride and groom smile at each other as they walk past a London Boutique hand in hand
The Dorchester-hotel-London-Wedding-Photography-16
Chris Woodman Photography
The bride and groom pose together for the camera on their own
The Dorchester-hotel-London-Wedding-Photography-17
Chris Woodman Photography
The bride and groom pose next to white concrete pillars
The Dorchester-hotel-London-Wedding-Photography-18
Chris Woodman Photography

By now, the light is fading fast as we arrived at our final destination, but we were told that if nobody had booked the penthouse suite at the top when we arrived, we could enjoy a few moments in the Dorchester’s finest abode. Our luck was in and Emily in particular was over the moon. There are plenty of places to take beautiful photographs at this wonderful hotel. We had time to visit the penthouse suite, the iconic staircase with the piano and the impeccably decorated dining area. Also consider spending some time in the ballroom where there’s marble pillars, stunning textured walls and floor to ceiling mirrors.

The groom looks towards the bride and then leads her away through the white concrete pillars
The Dorchester-hotel-London-Wedding-Photography-19
Chris Woodman Photography
The bride and groom stand on the stairs at the Dorchester Hotel in London and look at each other posing for the camera
The Dorchester-hotel-London-Wedding-Photography-20
Chris Woodman Photography
The bride and groom look at each other and pose by their wedding car outside the Dorchester Hotel in London
The Dorchester-hotel-London-Wedding-Photography-21
Chris Woodman Photography

So the couple enters the reception room in spectacular fashion with freestanding fireworks greeting them as they make their way to the head table. Service (as you would expect) was swift from the Dorchester staff and it was time to put down the camera for a breather and leave the wedding party to eat in peace. I don’t think there has ever been a flattering photograph of a person consuming food before and for that reason, I never do so 🙂

The bride and groom kiss next to the top table in their reception room as fireworks erupt either side of them
The Dorchester-hotel-London-Wedding-Photography-22
Chris Woodman Photography
The bride and groom pose with each other on the balcony of a Dorchester suite
The Dorchester-hotel-London-Wedding-Photography-23
Chris Woodman Photography
The wedding reception details including the cake, flowers, menus and the decorated tables and chairs
The Dorchester-hotel-London-Wedding-Photography-24
Chris Woodman Photography

Here’s a lovely surprise that the couple had in store for their guests and it might be something for you to consider too. Have you heard of ‘singing waiters’? Well they pretend to be part of the service, sometimes pouring wine and even delivering food to the table so nobody suspects a thing. Once the service has come to the end, they make an announcement and start performing in front of everyone much to the surprise of the guests. They’re actually really good and very entertaining – well worth checking them out to raise the spirits of the guests after a 3-course meal.

Wedding details including the guest book, chocolates and seating plan
The Dorchester-hotel-London-Wedding-Photography-25
Chris Woodman Photography
Portraits of singing waitors during  the wedding reception in the Orchid room at the Dorchester Hotel
The Dorchester-hotel-London-Wedding-Photography-26
Chris Woodman Photography
Happy wedding guests enjoy the performance of the singing waitors
The Dorchester-hotel-London-Wedding-Photography-27
Chris Woodman Photography
The best man gives his humorous speech to happy wedding guests
The Dorchester-hotel-London-Wedding-Photography-28
Chris Woodman Photography

We had a huge wedding cake to cut next before the couple took to the dance floor to steal the show. The fireworks once again added that wow factor to the choreographed performance, which in turn led to close friends and family joining them before the party started.

The happy bride and groom cut their 7 tier wedding cake while the fireworks erupt close by
The Dorchester-hotel-London-Wedding-Photography-29
Chris Woodman Photography
The bride and groom enjoy their first dance in the Orchid room while wedding guests look on
The Dorchester-hotel-London-Wedding-Photography-30
Chris Woodman Photography
Happy wedding guests join the bride and groom on the dance floor and dance to the music
The Dorchester-hotel-London-Wedding-Photography-31
Chris Woodman Photography

My coverage ended after the couple had made one final change into their Nigerian outfits. African music took over the Orchid room & that’s when everyone let their hair down.

The bride and groom kissing and posing for the camera in their Nigerian wedding outfits
The Dorchester-hotel-London-Wedding-Photography-32
Chris Woodman Photography

Weddings at the Dorchester hotel London are a luxury experience and if London is where you’re thinking of getting married, I would highly recommend popping down to see the wedding planner there and seeing if this wedding venue ticks all your boxes.

Of course, there are so many more wonderful venues to consider. I’ll be adding to my wedding blog in the coming weeks, which will give you some other options to look at. Check out more inspiration here:

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