About Me

Chris Woodman

Wedding Photographer

I’m an awesome listener, creative artist & professional story teller to all that hire my services. I’m told I’m considerate, fun to be around
definitely what you’d call a people person. I’m a positive thinker too – someone who can see a light at the end of a tunnel no matter what the case maybe.

In my spare time, I’m pretty active really. I love running – I find it fixes any bad day I may be having & keeps me focused. I stay in shape by visits to the gym & balance this out by having the odd 1 or 3 cheat days a week. I’ve also been privileged enough to have travelled around the world exploring many exciting cultures & gaining an understanding of how people live their lives.

This is actually how I discovered photography back in 2003 & I haven’t looked back since. I’ve found my calling & now it’s my turn to make a difference to other people’s lives.

One thing I do find fascinating is hearing how 2 people have arrived at one of the biggest days of their lives.

On top of that, I then have the opportunity to document their day in my elegant storybook style which is a real honour for me.

I guess you could say I’m happy in myself & what I do!



The thing I find most intriguing about my job is who my couples really are and what their personalities would be like if I wasn’t there. This is what I go in search of & this applies to family and friends on the day too. As long as I have good light throughout the wedding, I simply let the magic unfold & become a fly on the wall for the most part in my usual relaxed manor. This works really well for those couples that are either a tad shy or just want to wholeheartedly be part of the day they have been planning for so long. For some, a touch of guidance when they need it can be really useful and I’m very happy to oblige!

One thing I’ve become known for over the years is spotting a wow factor scenario wherever I go. You know the shots, it’s the iconic stop scrolling on Facebook type of images that never get old to look at. For many couples, it’s the defining shot of the day and it usually ends up on the wall and admired by friends and family alike. Take a look in my portfolio & you may spot a few of them!

Sound like you? We might just be the perfect match. Drop me a message, I’d love to know what you have in store on your day!


“Chris is absolutely top class. We used him for our wedding in Chelmsford in March 2018 and he produced exactly what we wanted and captured the best moment of our day. Very experienced at what he does, and prepared very well for the day with various visits to our venue to pick the best photo spots. A really nice guy to top it all off.
Can’t recommend him highly enough!”



I cannot recommend Chris enough, his work is fantastic. He was our photographer for our wedding in Mexico and myself and my husband was blown away with the pictures we received. He was so easy to work with and did whatever was asked and even requested us to do some specific amazing shots that he thought up! If you are looking for a photographer that creates the best pictures and captures the moments then he is your man.”


“Chris was truly outstanding. Very professional and got all the shots we could have wished for and more. Our album looks amazing and would highly recommend to anyone and everyone! Best photographer we could have asked for! Thank you.”




“I would highly recommend chris as your photographer. He is an amazing guy with a unmeasurable amount of talent when it comes to capturing the perfect image. Our wedding day was so special to us and chris captured it all. Very professional and laid back at the same time. Made all guests and wedding party feeling very comfortable. Thanks again to him for an amazing job.”


“I had two wedding ceremonies in 2018, due to a family member being ill and giving me away, so I got married in April and then had “my big wedding” in September. Chris photographed both weddings for me and was amazing!! I could not recommend him enough! The photo’s and memories he has captured mean the world to me and he has really put a lot of thought into every picture taken.”